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Senior Fitness Testing and Coaching

The Senior Fitness Test was developed as part of the LifeSpan Wellness Program at Fullerton University, by Dr. Roberta Rikli and Dr. Jessie Jones. It has been updated recently and studied for many years. Results of the test can provide a baseline from which changes in performance can be tracked. Starting any exercise program has been shown to make a huge difference at any age, countering depression, feelings of ineffectiveness, and physical deterioration, even for those already wheelchair-bound. It also helps in social interaction.

An important aspect of Shine Your Light fitness coaching is the enhancement of exercise with music tailored to the elder's taste, recognition and life history. I will seek out whatever music works to make the connection - be it big band, gospel, Christmas carols, or any other kind. (See the testimonial from client George Wezniak.) Music has been shown to boost memory performance and engage elders with what often becomes an enjoyable and greatly valued routine.

Coaching is available on an ongoing basis. I review any existing physical therapy history and select appropriate exercises to help an individual senior increase strength and range of motion. I will continually adjust a senior's exercise program as they progress and provide ongoing statistical documentation of their progress along the way. A doctor's approval is required to begin coaching.

"Henry," an excerpt from Alive Inside, a documentary about the Music and Memory nonprofit project, a film by Michael Rossato-Bennett.

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