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George Wezniak Letter of Recommendation

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14537 N. Lost Arrow Dr.
Oro Valley, AZ 85755
March 18, 2013

Re: Bonnie Clayton-Loewy
Shine Your Light Tucson

To whom it might concern:

My name is George Wezniak. My wife Barbara and I (both of us in our 80's, married for 62 years) would like to relate how Bonnie Loewy has worked to improve our physical and mental health - and our lives.

In April, 2012, Bonnie was referred to us by Tucson physician John Z. Carter, M.D. Dr Carter is my primary care doctor and he recognized my mental anguish and fatigue and he felt that Bonnie could assist me and Barbara in dealing with issues arising from Barbara's physical illnesses. She cannot walk, is confined to a wheel chair and has problems with memory loss and depression.

Our first few sessions with Bonnie were concerned with dealing in changes in our lifestyle due to Barbara's illness and my function as primary care giver and the conflicts that arose between Barbara and I as a result. She has been a great help in our dealing with these issues.

We learned that Bonnie was trained in giving assistance to patients with mobility problems - and in helping them to develop strengthening exercises with the aid of music. Bonnie's progress with Barbara, using her techniques, has been amazing and she is now progressing to walking with a walker.

We also have asked Bonnie to attend appointments Barbara has had with a neurologist as well as neuropsychological PHD. Her presence (and participation in the discussions) has been invaluable to both Barbara and I in understanding the physicians discussion of Barbara's problems.

Bonnie's approach to helping Barbara to gain body strength - her use of music, her enthusiasm (she is ALWAYS "up") has Barbara looking forward to her appointments with Bonnie - she has come to love her and her visits.

We will sorely miss Bonnie and the physical and mental help she has given Barbara - and her counsel to me on care-giving issues and concerns. We wish her well in her new life in California.

We recommend Bonnie and her services without reservation.

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