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Lindsay Roberts Letter of Recommendation

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Via Elegante
Luxury Assisted Living at La Cholla
October 2, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

Bonnie Clayton Loewy, M.Ed., has been a wonderful asset to our community. She facilitated our Alzheimer's and Dementia Family Support Group for over a year and provided much needed support for many of our family members - both in a group setting and on an individual basis. She provided unique insight on many of our resident behavioral challenges and helped our caregivers, as well as our family members, better understand the thought and emotion behind these challenging behaviors.

Bonnie conducted engaging and inspiring caregiver training on the clinical, emotional, and practical aspects of dementia care. She helped our caregivers find mentally stimulating and emotionally nurturing ways to interact with their residents despite time constraints and cognitive decline.

Bonnie's extensive research in this field and her unique insight on the mental and emotional needs of individuals with dementia has enriched our dementia care program and would bring a wealth of positive influence to any family or community touched by this disease.

If you need any additional information please contact me at

Thank you,
Lindsay Roberts
Community Director

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