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Peter Giannini Letter of Recommendation

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Peter W. Giannini
Mediation & Special Projects
11900 N. La Cañada Dr. # 70029
Tucson, AZ 85737
520 265-2747

October 14, 2013


It is my privilege to recommend to you my colleague and friend, Ms. Bonnie Clayton Loewy: I do so without reservation. I have found her to be person of honesty and integrity, who is exactly what she says she is -- an expert in matters relating to the care of elders, particularly those with cognitive decline.

I was introduced to her in early 2012, when I was investigating the feasibility of creating a court sponsored elder care mediation program. Several of my most trusted sources immediately pointed me to Bonnie as the go-to expert. She was able to provide a thorough explanation or the underlying neurological decline of the aging, as well as the conflicts that occur within families when a parent is no longer able to care for him or herself. I was immediately impressed not only with her knowledge of and passion for the subject, but also by the way she could make complex scientific medical and legal subjects accessible.

To further my understanding, she invited me to join her on a visit to her own father at the memory care facility where he lives. I also met one of her private clients, where I participated in exercise, song and celebration. I was able to see firsthand the deep insights she has developed into the behavior and thinking of those suffering with Alzheimer's Disease and the compassion she brings to her interactions with them; if you have the opportunity, ask her about "Infants," "iPods," and "Islands."

Bonnie was a participant in three conflict resolution trainings where I was one of the trainers. She absorbed information like a sponge, and demonstrated an instinctive ability to grasp the underlying emotions in conflict and to support those in conflict in finding common ground, frequently leading to reconciliation. She recently led a "Mediators' Roundtable," where she explained the current theories conflict resolution and their practical applications for helping families heal. She also left her student seat at training on Elder Care Mediation she attended at Pepperdine University to become a guest presenter on dementia care when the originally scheduled speaker failed to appear. In conclusion, I recommend Bonnie to you as an individual of broad background, keen insight, and unfailing commitment. She cares deeply about the lives of aging adults and has the education, skills, experience and passion to do something about it.


Peter W. Giannini
Attorney / Mediator

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