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"Mrs. Loewy has intimate familiarity with Alzheimer's disease having cared for her father for years with this disease... She is an extremely professional individual who was loved by the families that she saw. Her intelligence and compassion enhance her effectiveness greatly."

- John Carter, MD
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"Bonnie has an excellent understanding of elders who suffer from a dementing illness, and was able to convey very complex information to the Senior Companions... Now that Senior Companions have learned why people act as they do with a dementing illness, and have several suggestions as to how they can best help, I have seen a huge change in the program!"

- Frances Coleman
Senior Companion Project Director, Our Family Services
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"Several of my most trusted sources immediately pointed me to Bonnie as the go-to expert. She was able to provide a thorough explanation or the underlying neurological decline of the aging, as well as the conflicts that occur within families when a parent is no longer able to care for him or herself."

- Peter Giannini
Attorney and Mediator
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"Bonnie's extensive research in this field and her unique insight on the mental and emotional needs of individuals with dementia has enriched our dementia care program and would bring a wealth of positive influence to any family or community touched by this disease."

- Lindsay Roberts
Community Director, Via Elegante
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"Bonnie's approach to helping Barbara to gain body strength - her use of music, her enthusiasm (she is ALWAYS "up") has Barbara looking forward to her appointments with Bonnie - she has come to love her and her visits."

- George Wezniak
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