How Can Montessori Methods Help Alzheimer’s Patients?

Exactly the way they help our children. By treating vulnerable people with deep respect and honoring their needs, we can develop trust and transcend the power struggles that are often part of caregiving. Even the materials used in the Montessori approach can be wonderful with older adults. For example, one man I knew loved to match wood tiles by type and talk about the grains and colors. He was a carpenter and these little tiles helped him connect with his love of building. He was also able to be the wood expert, which he really enjoyed.

We can arrange silk flowers, fold cloth, match spices by scent, set tables, and on and on. There is great joy in feeling useful so it’s important to tie these activities to something real. An older adult will want to fold napkins for a real meal, not just for the sake of being kept busy.

The possibilities are endless and a lot of fun.