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Letter of Recommendation

Bill and Kathryn


January 2021

This testament is to express our views on the benefits of working with Bonnie Clayton. I found Bonnie through a referral from Scripps. My initial goal was for some talk therapy related to our facing long term illness. Being in our late 70’s the door opened to looking at many issues including our personal relationship and expanding from there.

That door remains open as needed. In the meantime we have moved into a physical exercise routine that dominate our twice a week hourly visits. Our latest exploration has added on a meditation segment. These video FaceTime sessions include Bonnie participating. Making it feel like we have our own coach/trainer that enhances the exercise with her Pilates experience. She has an enlightened spirit that is wonderful and inspiring.
Her varied experience adds to the high quality sessions we have together.

Letter of Recommendation

John Carter


Arizona Community Physicians

October 8, 2013
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Bonnie Loewy to physician practices as a resource for demented and debilitated patients and their caretakers. Mrs. Loewy has intimate familiarity with Alzheimer’s disease having cared for her father for years with this disease. She has begun the organization Shine Your Light Tucson to provide resources and support for Alzheimer’s families. While she lived in Tucson, I referred several of my patients to her.

She served as a dementia consultant for these people and also would help them greatly to build their muscle strength and coordination. She is an extremely professional individual who was loved by the families that she saw. Her intelligence and compassion enhance her effectiveness greatly. For example, to motivate one of my patients, Bonnie played her favorite fox trots for the two of them to sing to while exercising.

She has now moved to San Diego, and I believe she can be of great help to patients and families in that area. In addition to being a dementia consultant, she is also an eldercare mediator and has a Master’s in education. If I may provide additional information, please contact me.

Sincerely yours,

John Carter, MD

6130 N. La Cholla Blvd., Suite 100 • Tucson, Arizona 85741 • (520) 742-4159 • Fax (520) 575-1306

Letter of Recommendation

Frances Coleman


TUCSON, AZ 85712
(520) 323- 1708 • FAX (520) 323-9077 • WWW.OURFAMILYSERVICES.ORG

October 10, 2013

Bonnie Loewy, founder & principal of Shine Your Light Dementia, was invited to provide an extensive two part dementia training for Senior Companions of Tucson, AZ.

Ms. Loewy developed the curriculum for the dementia training, and presented the information two months in a row at the monthly Senior Companion meeting. Each presentation was an hour and a half, aided by a Power Point presentation.

Bonnie has an excellent understanding of elders who suffer from a dementing illness, and was able to convey very complex information to the Senior Companions. This group of 44 was fascinated with her information, since they all assist elders on a daily basis. Many Senior Companions clients have some form of dementia, and this has been especially perplexing to their Senior Companion aides. I have found a general reluctance on the part of Senior Companions to reach out to those with dementias.

Now that Senior Companions have learned why people act as they do with a dementing illness, and have several suggestions as to how they can best help, I have seen a huge change in the program! Senior Companions are no longer afraid to embrace persons with dementias; in fact, I now hear them comparing note and strategies!

Ms. Loewy’s dementia education has been a valuable component of Senior Companion training. I highly recommend her for continued community education. Her information is up to date, accurate and presented in a way that not only holds the interest of the audience, but allows them to engage in problem solving.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.


Frances A. Coleman, M.A. (Yale ’85)
Senior Companion Project Director
Our Family Services, Tucson, AZ 85716

Letter of Recommendation

Peter Giannini


Peter W. Giannini
Mediation & Special Projects

October 14, 2013


It is my privilege to recommend to you my colleague and friend, Ms. Bonnie Clayton Loewy: I do so without reservation. I have found her to be person of honesty and integrity, who is exactly what she says she is — an expert in matters relating to the care of elders, particularly those with cognitive decline.

I was introduced to her in early 2012, when I was investigating the feasibility of creating a court sponsored elder care mediation program. Several of my most trusted sources immediately pointed me to Bonnie as the go-to expert. She was able to provide a thorough explanation or the underlying neurological decline of the aging, as well as the conflicts that occur within families when a parent is no longer able to care for him or herself. I was immediately impressed not only with her knowledge of and passion for the subject, but also by the way she could make complex scientific medical and legal subjects accessible.

To further my understanding, she invited me to join her on a visit to her own father at the memory care facility where he lives. I also met one of her private clients, where I participated in exercise, song and celebration. I was able to see firsthand the deep insights she has developed into the behavior and thinking of those suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease and the compassion she brings to her interactions with them; if you have the opportunity, ask her about “Infants,” “iPods,” and “Islands.”

Bonnie was a participant in three conflict resolution trainings where I was one of the trainers. She absorbed information like a sponge, and demonstrated an instinctive ability to grasp the underlying emotions in conflict and to support those in conflict in finding common ground, frequently leading to reconciliation. She recently led a “Mediators’ Roundtable,” where she explained the current theories conflict resolution and their practical applications for helping families heal. She also left her student seat at training on Elder Care Mediation she attended at Pepperdine University to become a guest presenter on dementia care when the originally scheduled speaker failed to appear. In conclusion, I recommend Bonnie to you as an individual of broad background, keen insight, and unfailing commitment. She cares deeply about the lives of aging adults and has the education, skills, experience and passion to do something about it.


Peter W. Giannini
Attorney / Mediator

Letter of Recommendation

Lindsay Roberts


Via Elegante
Luxury Assisted Living at La Cholla
October 2, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

Bonnie Clayton Loewy, M.Ed., has been a wonderful asset to our community. She facilitated our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Family Support Group for over a year and provided much needed support for many of our family members – both in a group setting and on an individual basis. She provided unique insight on many of our resident behavioral challenges and helped our caregivers, as well as our family members, better understand the thought and emotion behind these challenging behaviors.

Bonnie conducted engaging and inspiring caregiver training on the clinical, emotional, and practical aspects of dementia care. She helped our caregivers find mentally stimulating and emotionally nurturing ways to interact with their residents despite time constraints and cognitive decline.

Bonnie’s extensive research in this field and her unique insight on the mental and emotional needs of individuals with dementia has enriched our dementia care program and would bring a wealth of positive influence to any family or community touched by this disease.

If you need any additional information please contact me at Lindsay@viaelegante.com.

Thank you,
Lindsay Roberts
Community Director

Via Elegante Luxury Assisted Living at La Cholla
Via Elegante Luxury Assisted Living at La Cholla · 5644 N Via Latigo, Tucson, AZ 85 704 · Ph (520) 293-3280 · Fx (520) 293-3412

Letter of Recommendation

George Wezniak


14537 N. Lost Arrow Dr.
Oro Valley, AZ 85755
March 18, 2013

Re: Bonnie Clayton-Loewy
Shine Your Light Tucson

To whom it might concern:

My name is George Wezniak. My wife Barbara and I (both of us in our 80’s, married for 62 years) would like to relate how Bonnie Loewy has worked to improve our physical and mental health – and our lives.

In April, 2012, Bonnie was referred to us by Tucson physician John Z. Carter, M.D. Dr Carter is my primary care doctor and he recognized my mental anguish and fatigue and he felt that Bonnie could assist me and Barbara in dealing with issues arising from Barbara’s physical illnesses. She cannot walk, is confined to a wheel chair and has problems with memory loss and depression.

Our first few sessions with Bonnie were concerned with dealing in changes in our lifestyle due to Barbara’s illness and my function as primary care giver and the conflicts that arose between Barbara and I as a result. She has been a great help in our dealing with these issues.

We learned that Bonnie was trained in giving assistance to patients with mobility problems – and in helping them to develop strengthening exercises with the aid of music. Bonnie’s progress with Barbara, using her techniques, has been amazing and she is now progressing to walking with a walker.

We also have asked Bonnie to attend appointments Barbara has had with a neurologist as well as neuropsychological PHD. Her presence (and participation in the discussions) has been invaluable to both Barbara and I in understanding the physicians discussion of Barbara’s problems.

Bonnie’s approach to helping Barbara to gain body strength – her use of music, her enthusiasm (she is ALWAYS “up”) has Barbara looking forward to her appointments with Bonnie – she has come to love her and her visits.

We will sorely miss Bonnie and the physical and mental help she has given Barbara – and her counsel to me on care-giving issues and concerns. We wish her well in her new life in California.

We recommend Bonnie and her services without reservation.